Before 2020, wearing face masks was almost unheard of outside of the medical industry. Now they’re part of everyday life. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the total dollar value of masks imported to the US increased from USD $240 million in March to $3.7 billion in May, an increase of over 15 times during a three-month period. In fact, the demand for face masks was so high it caused a global shortage, stabilizing shortly thereafter as supply chains opened up. But face masks are just one part of an arsenal of fabric items that the medical industry needs. Countless fabric items have to be manufactured and textile factories need the right equipment for the job to ensure the safety of the patients and medical staff who wear them.

Key fabric items in healthcare

The medical industry relies heavily on a variety of fabric items for both safety and operational efficiency. Notably, face masks, surgical gowns, isolation gowns, and non-surgical gowns play a crucial role in infection control. These garments have specific zones deemed critical for ensuring utmost protection against infections.

Machinery for large-scale production

To manufacture these items at scale, specialized machines are essential:

  • Fabric spreading machines

The J3 multi-roll fabric spreading machine from Oshima is designed for heavy-duty operations, handling materials such as isolation gowns and PPE efficiently.

  • Fabric cutting machines

The automatic cutting machine provides precise cutting at speeds of up to 6,000 RPM, allowing for efficient cutting.

  • Fabric fusing machines

For medical masks, the continuous fusing machine provides robust bonding between fabric parts.

  • Seamless bonding machines

Ensuring that medical fabrics are devoid of any gaps, hot air sealing and bonding machines are perfect for crafting flawless PPE and isolation gowns.

  • Medical gown folding machines

Automatic folding and bagging machines can pack an average of 300 pieces of medical equipment an hour so they can be shipped quickly.

Why choose Oshima?

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