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  • Discountinued Products

    Reason to discontinue

    OSHIMA has ceased hardware maintenance for products that have been out of production for over 30 years due to the following reasons:

    (i) Shortages of raw material

    (ii) Advancements in Market Technology

    Product lists

    (i) Needle Detector Machine

    • ON-688CD1

    • ON-688CDD

    • ON-688CDII

    • ON-688CDDII

    • ON-688CD3

    • ON-688CDD3

    (ii) Fabirc Inspection Machine

    • CH1

    • CH2

    (ii) Fabirc Spreading Machine

    • KS1

    • CS2

    • KS3

    (iii) Fabric Fusing Machine

    • DS series including DS-205, DS-301, DS-450, DS-501, DS-600, DS-1000

    Guidance for customers with discontinued products

    We are committed to assisting our customers in transitioning from discontinued models to current offerings that provide similar functionalities and specifications. For personalized recommendations and additional information, please contact our support team. We are here to help you find the most suitable solutions for your needs.

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    WeChat: +86 15316166270