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With almost five decades of manufacturing experience, we have built up exceptional technical expertise in the garment industry including providing cutting room solutions, ironing and shaping solutions and boiler services. We are trusted by many international brands and provide our customers with the enabling technology needed to optimise their workflow.

Production Line

  • 01 Cutting Room Solutions
  • 02 Fusing, Heat Press/Transfer
  • 03 Needle Detection, Weighing
  • 04 Packaging & Shipping
  • 05 Industrial Boiler
  • 06 General Garment Machinery
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Mr Teng Wen-Tong


Mr Teng Wen-Tong
Mr. Teng Wen-Tong, the founder of the Oshima Group (initially OSHIMAKK CO., LTD), was an embodiment of resilience and ingenuity. Born during the tumultuous times of the Great Depression and Japanese rule in Taiwan, his life is a powerful testament to the spirit of turning adversity into opportunity.
At 18, Teng started his career as an apprentice in a textile factory when Taiwan's industry heavily relied on imported machinery. Spotting an opportunity, he ventured into importing, modifying, and profitably selling antique sewing machines.
Embracing the industrial revolution's opportunities, Teng shifted towards machinery manufacturing, launching the company's own brand 'Bou Yue' in 1971. This led OSHIMAKK CO., LTD to become a globally recognized industry leader. His impressive achievements earned him the title of the 'King of Spreading Machines', a legacy Oshima Group continues to uphold.
Company history
We are committed to making steady progress within our industry, guided by continual innovation and learning. At the heart of our business growth is our team, and we place great emphasis on their development. We also believe in gradually expanding our scope through strategic investment and development in diverse sectors, enabling us to offer a wider range of products and services.
  • 1971
    Establishment of Bou Yue Machinery Co., Ltd. In Taiwan, Own brand 「Bou Yue」
  • 1990
    Establishment of Guangzhou Factory
  • 1992
    Company name and brand change to 「OSHIMA©」 Group
  • 1994
    Awarded CE Certification
  • 1999
    Awarded ISO-9001 Certification
  • 2002
    • Establishment of Shanghai Factory
  • 2004
    Establishment of Cambodia service center
  • 2007
    Establishment of Vietnam service center
  • 2011
    Establishment of Zhejiang factory
  • 2016
    • Inauguration Shanghai OSHIMA Innovation & Research Park

      Establishment of Myanmar service center
  • 2018
    Establishment of Bangladesh service center