Tuntex Incorporation is a major producer of textiles and garments based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The company is focused on weaving and dying fabrics for apparel, home and technical textiles. They also produce false twisted silk. Tuntex Incorporation has a global reach and production facilities in many countries outside Taiwan, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and China. Its main customers are large, global players like Adidas, Nike and Puma.

The problem

Most of Tuntex’s overseas factories used automatic cutting machines from a well-known brand, but they often encountered machine breakdowns and faults. This was unacceptable for a company with such a large global presence. Repairs could only be carried out by the original dealer, and took a long time to solve. Delays in production meant that the whole supply chain was delayed, leading to financial losses for Tuntex, and issues for the end customer. Repairs were costly and troublesome, and Tuntex was searching for a solution.

The solution

Tuntex switched to OSHIMA’s fabric cutting machines that are known for quality and reliability. Since then, they have not experienced losses from machine downtime as OSHIMA provides timely after-sales service. The cutting machines are stable and reliable, which is perfect for high production quantities, and provide excellent value for money.

The result

Machine breakdowns are costly and cause mistrust with suppliers. Highly productive fabric manufacturers need reliable machines that perform. After switching to OSHIMA fabric cutting machines, Tuntex has enjoyed stable machine performance and greater return on investment. OSHIMA’s outstanding after-sales service resolves issues quickly with minimal impact on the supply chain.

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