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  • Warranty Policy


    The purpose of this document is to establish the product warranty and service policy for Taiwan OSHIMA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as OSHIMA), providing a basis for customers for repair or replacement. These procedures are designed to 1) minimize costs due to machine downtime, and 2) provide fast repair services to increase customer satisfaction.

    Warranty Period Determination

    The warranty period is 12 months after the product has been shipped for 30 to 60 days.

    Warranty Period Maintenance Notes

    (i) Products must be operated correctly according to the manufacturer's manual, and maintenance, lubrication, and cleaning should be carried out as recommended by the manufacturer. Only manufacturer-specified parts must be used for replacements.

    (ii) When applying for repairs, the original warranty certificate and purchase invoice or proof must be provided.

    (iii) If a product fails during the warranty period, OSHIMA will decide whether to replace the machine or repair parts of it.

    Warranty Period Determination

    • Damage caused by non-designated repair personnel.

    • Unauthorized modifications or repairs.

    • Use of non-official parts or software.

    • Non-compliance with the operating manual and maintenance guidelines.

    • Products purchased from non-authorized dealers outside of Taiwan.

    • Damage during transportation.

    • Discrepancies between product model and purchase documentation.

    • Poor usage environment, including but not limited to abnormal temperatures, excessive moisture or dryness, strong electromagnetic fields, direct sunlight exposure, etc.

    • Damage not caused by the product itself, such as power cord failures, poor usage environments, etc.

    • Natural wear and tear from normal use, such as dimming brightness, degradation, aging, etc.

    • Damage and operational failure caused by natural disasters (storms, fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.) not due to faults in normal use.

    Post-Warranty Repairs

    (i) For products outside the warranty period or not covered by the warranty, the company reserves the right to accept or decline repair services.

    (ii) Full charges for repairs and related costs (shipping, inspection fees, cleaning fees, etc.) will be borne by the customer.

    (iii) In cases where parts are phased out or there is a long-term shortage of components, making repair impossible, the company will inform the customer and reserve the right to accept or decline repairs.

    (iv) Models that have been discontinued for maintenance will not be provided with maintenance services outside of the warranty.

    Service Policy

    (i) During the warranty period, the cost of shipping the product to OSHIMA is covered by the customer; the cost of returning the product to the customer is covered by OSHIMA.

    (ii) For products out of warranty, the company will provide a quote before repair, and the customer decides whether to proceed with the repair. The customer will bear the costs of transportation.

    OSHIMA Repair Service Hotline

    Whatsapp: +886 972766790 ( You can scan at the bottom right corner of the website)

    WeChat: +86 15316166270 


    OSHIMA does not provide any warranties other than those stated above and is not liable for any express or implied warranty obligations. All warranty responsibilities are as stated herein, and this warranty policy supersedes any other oral or written commitments. OSHIMA is not responsible for indirect or special damages arising from the use of the product, even if such damages are foreseeable.