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  •   Repairs and warranties

    Our products are sold with a one-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. Customers are advised to keep the service warranty document or purchase invoice for their products at a safe place.

    If there is a cost associated with a repair or the purchase of a part, a member of our service department will provide you with a quote first, and will only proceed with the repair once you have agreed to it. The followings is not covered by the warranty:

    1. Damage caused by repairs undertaken by non-OSHIMA service personnel (including any self-modification or repair carried out by the customer).
    2. Damage caused by the customer due to improper use, maintenance or storage.
    3. No date of manufacture or proof of purchase.
    4. The model does not match the purchase date or proof of purchase.
    5. The use of a non-original part in the machine leading to the development of an abnormality; product is no longer within the maintenance period.
    6. Damage to the product caused by war, terrorism, fire, accidents (including those associated with electric circuit), natural disasters, deliberate or accidental misuse, negligence, improper maintenance, use under abnormal conditions, accidental drop, spill, fire or power surge.
    7. The contract stipulates that after-sales maintenance is not included.
  • Please fill out the questionnaire to extend your warranty duration.