Mr. Deng Jiang-rong, the Chairman of Taiwan OSHIMA, has generously contributed 4,000 sets of protective isolation gowns to aid the efforts of Taiwan's frontline medical and firefighting personnel in combatting the pandemic. Mr. Deng generously contributed 2,000 sets of protective isolation gowns to Tri-Service General Hospital, as well as an additional 2,000 sets to the Seventh Disaster Relief and Rescue Team of the New Taipei City Fire Department. This donation has significantly enhanced their epidemic prevention and control capabilities in the Zhongyonghe area.

Taiwan OSHIMA has demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by actively engaging in efforts to foster consensus, provide encouragement and support to medical and firefighting personnel, and contribute to the collective effort to safeguard Taiwan. According to Mr. Deng Jiang-rong, epidemic prevention is a nationwide endeavor, and it is imperative for enterprises to exert their utmost efforts in contributing to society and extending as much aid as possible.

The severity of the pandemic underscores the critical importance of protective equipment. Taiwan OSHIMA has demonstrated its social responsibility and contribution by providing practical support for Taiwan's epidemic prevention and control efforts. This act of donation exemplifies the resolve and assurance of Taiwanese businesses to collaborate and combat the pandemic.

Taiwan OSHIMA is dedicated to delivering superior products and services to the community, while also making substantial investments in the development and manufacturing of products related to epidemic prevention. The company consistently engages in innovation and enhancement of product performance, providing practical support to epidemic prevention efforts both domestically in Taiwan and globally. Moving forward, OSHIMA will remain committed to conducting research and development, as well as fostering innovation, in order to further enhance its contributions to the advancement of society.