Setting to sail into this new chapter under Florian Finke’s leadership, OSHIMA is expected to expand on these highlights:

Global Expansion

In the rapidly moving textile industry OSHIMA will expand its footprint internationally even further. With his proven international track record in Germany, Hong Kong and China the appointment of our new CEO marks a significant step in our company’s history.

Innovation and Adaptability

The forward-thinking perspective of Florian Finke and his strong vision for innovation and adaptability as well as his knowledge on staying ahead of trends in the textile industry will empower OSHIMA to remain competitive and on top of the ever-changing industry.

Drive for Excellence

Determined to not only maintain the highest standards that have defined OSHIMA for over 50 years but also to elevate them further, the new CEO is dedicated to expand the quality and reliability that have been the foundation of our success.

We are confident that with the new leadership we will be able to bring together the best out of both worlds - Western and East Asian values - taking our business to greater heights with new opportunities coming our way, and yet honor the legacy of this company.

To our stakeholders and loyal customers who have contributed to our success from the beginning we want to extend our gratitude. Together, with Florian Finke we are prepared for a future filled with growth and innovation. OSHIMA is excited to embark on this journey as we believe that our best days are still ahead of us.