OSHIMA, located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, has exhibited exceptional performance in the field of smart manufacturing. As a result, the company has been bestowed with the "Potential Enterprise Award" during the inaugural "New Taipei City Classic Enterprise Award" ceremony, which was personally presented by Mayor Hou Yu-ih. Taiwan OSHIMA is a prominent clothing machinery equipment company based in Taiwan. Our focus lies in the development and manufacturing of clothing equipment, including front-end cutting room solutions, back-end ironing, boilers, and more. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products to our customers. Taiwan OSHIMA has established enduring partnerships with leading industry clients to gain insight into their requirements. The company has integrated its primary products into internet-based solutions that encompass software, equipment, services, and big data. These solutions are tailored to meet the high standards of fashion, automotive, and furniture companies.

Taiwan OSHIMA has collaborated with textile factories, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs to develop a domestically produced fabric inspection machine named EagleAi. The aforementioned fabric inspection machine represents Taiwan OSHIMA's initial foray into addressing the complexities associated with knitted and elastic fabrics. This machine is capable of regulating the tension of elastic or knitted fabrics with a high degree of precision, achieving a tolerance level of 2%. The system is capable of precisely identifying prevalent market defects, including but not limited to staining, dirt, color spots, oil stains, holes, yarn knots, wrinkles, color differences, weft defects, warp defects, and crochet defects. The overall accuracy rate of the system is up to 90%, with a precision rate of up to 94%. Of significant importance is the fact that EagleAi has the capability to enhance the detection rate to over 70% within a span of 4 hours, even for fabrics that have previously undetected defects. This development has disrupted the fabric inspection machine market.

In addition, Taiwan OSHIMA's service ethos aligns with the "One-Stop Investment Promotion Service" available in the New Taipei City market. Taiwan OSHIMA is a worldwide supplier of clothing equipment that provides a diverse selection of machinery utilized by clothing factories, thereby optimizing the procurement process.

The attainment of the "Potential Enterprise Award" in the first year is credited to the accumulation of experience. Taiwan OSHIMA is dedicated to promoting innovation and development in the textile and clothing industry of Taiwan through a spirit of ingenuity and collaboration.