Recently, Taiwan OSHIMA, in partnership with textile factories, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, presented the initial version of the first domestically manufactured AI fabric inspection machine during the User Experience Day for AI Fabric Inspection. The machine boasts exceptional features such as a defect recognition rate exceeding 90%, the capability to inspect both elastic and flat-woven fabrics, and the incorporation of AI rolling learning algorithms and database updates. The inspection report comprises a defect distribution map and comprehensive defect information.

The EagleEye series AI fabric inspection machine developed by Taiwan OSHIMA stands out from other machines available in the market due to its advanced deep learning and machine learning capabilities. Unlike other machines that only offer photographing and manual defect recognition features, the EagleEye series can more accurately identify defects. Furthermore, the EagleEye series is equipped with the most extensive defect data in the industry, which streamlines operations and enhances user-friendliness.

The unveiling of this prototype has sparked increased anticipation regarding the precision of artificial intelligence-based fabric inspection machines within the industry. Taiwan OSHIMA has declared its commitment to persistently invest in the advancement and innovation of AI fabric inspection machines. The objective is to furnish the textile industry with more precise and efficient inspection solutions, thereby stimulating industry upgrading and development.