Garment machine providers are key to the success of any garment manufacturing business, so choose wisely.

Besides supervising factory workers and overseeing production, garment factory owners must ensure production runs smoothly in order to avoid delays. After all, they take responsibility for any manufacturing hiccups that occur. If garment manufacturers use equipment that’s faulty or unsuited to their products, then they’re bound to face production delays, material wastage, or even product recalls. For this reason, purchasing reliable and suitable equipment from a reputable source is a must. Garment machine providers are experts in the manufacturing field and produce equipment tailor-made for garment production. Choosing the right supplier boosts efficiency, while choosing the wrong supplier can cause huge production issues—ultimately damaging garment production professionals’ reputations and profits.

Problems from Bad Machine Choices

Garment machine providers are experts in clothing production. Good machine providers will recommend a suitable machine—and the best among them will have spent years building technical expertise and gaining the trust of global brands. From fabric spreading and cutting room solutions to fusing and shaping, it’s vital that garment machine providers have a deep understanding of the garment production process and are meticulous about details.

Zara's Quality Problems in China

Clothing business changes quickly. Zara, a famous fashion brand, had quality problems in China. The brand closed its flagship China store in 2017, with inconsistent quality cited as one reason for its closure.

Garment manufacturers play a critical role in the success of clothing brands. Accurate machines are needed to produce high-quality goods in high quantities. Production demand will decrease if clothing brands fail due to quality issues, so garment manufacturers must do everything they can to ensure high quality. In fact, quality issues do more than drive down order sizes. If garment manufacturers repeatedly put out poor-quality goods, their reputation will suffer as a result. The onus is on manufacturers to implement strict quality control procedures and use high-quality machines.

Issues from Bad Machines

Besides leading to poor product quality, sourcing garment machines from an untrustworthy supplier can cause costly machine breakdowns and delayed orders.

While occasional maintenance is normal, repeated breakdowns disrupt the production line and ultimately depress profits. If machine suppliers cannot fix broken machines within the same day, orders will pile up and impact the entire supply chain. The world’s top manufacturers lose around 3.3 million hours every year due to unexpected downtime, so waiting weeks or even months for repairs is not an option. Machine breakdowns can cause desperate clothing brands to lose trust in garment manufacturers and look elsewhere for a more reliable supplier. Consequently, manufacturers lose much more than money spent on repairs.

Advantages of Having Good Machine Supplier Partners

Now that we’ve looked at the consequences of choosing a poor-quality garment machine provider, let’s consider the benefits a suitable garment machine provider will bring to any garment production business.

  • Meeting deadlines ensures repeat orders

Selecting reputable, high-quality garment machines protects against machine breakdowns and constant repairs. Great garment machines make smooth manufacturing processes possible, which ensures that orders are made on time and helps apparel companies meet the demands of consumers. Fashion companies put timely manufacturing partners on their list of safe suppliers for repeat orders, which benefits garment manufacturers in the long run.

  • Integrated machinery promises higher output efficiency

Kitting out factories with integrated machinery from a reputable supplier helps production run more smoothly. Integrated machines communicate with each other and produce production reports like quality control pass and fail rates, meaning factory managers can easily see which processes work well and which need improvement. Moreover, integrated machines usually use the same interfaces and operation steps, which helps factory workers use equipment without any issues.

  • Strong relationships with garment machine providers

Garment manufacturers can enhance efficiency by building a strong relationship with the right garment machine provider. Once a garment machine provider is familiar with the garment professional's production goals, they can make equipment recommendations and take time to explain how to optimize machines for maximum efficiency. Giving a suitable garment machine provider insight into the garment factory’s day-to-day operations may offer further benefits like shorter repair times or additional expert advice, as they deeply understand and care about the garment manufacturer's business structure.

How to Pick the Right Garment Machine Supplier

There are lots of garment machine providers to choose from, so how do garment production professionals know which one is right for their factory’s needs?

  • They should understand the market and target customer

When selecting a garment machine provider, it helps to provide clear information about the particular industry and target customer. This doesn’t just allow garment machine providers to recommend machines suitable to garment manufacturers’ business goals; it also lets them filter out unsuitable machine providers that are inexperienced in their field. Good garment machine providers will care about the success of garment manufacturers and want to understand their goals. Rule out machine providers that seem to only care about their own profits, as this can only lead to a caustic working relationship.

  • They should offer after-sales support

Suitable garment machine providers care about being involved in every part of the production process, even those that cause them extra work. Suitable suppliers will offer an after-sales service and provide support if there are issues with machines. They will send somebody out to inspect the machines in question and resolve issues instead of passing the blame, which minimizes the disruption caused by machine malfunction.

  • They should be a one-stop shop that can kit out the whole factory

While garment manufacturers should try to save costs where they can, focusing solely on cost when choosing a garment machine provider can be counterproductive and cause problems later on. The best garment machine providers provide the bulk of machines required to set up a successful garment factory. Don’t just look for the cheapest option—garment production professionals should choose a one-stop shop that offers a quality after-sales service, and watch their business success soar.


Garment factory owners have enough on their minds without worrying about factory machinery getting in the way of their business goals. Choosing high-quality, suitable machines from a reputable supplier increases factory productivity and long-term success. Factory owners should focus on after-sales service and attentiveness when choosing a garment machine provider, as the wrong supplier can sabotage their reputation and profits. OSHIMA is a garment machine provider that cares about the business goals of its clients. A one-stop shop for almost all machines required to establish a successful garment factory, we provide quality after-sales support to minimize machine-related issues. Contact us today to find out how our integrated machines can benefit any garment production business.