Well-ironed and well-shaped garments with clean and crisp edges do not only have a higher quality, but are also more pleasing for the eye of the customer. In order to achieve that, garment factories rely on different industrial ironing and shaping techniques. However, for the techniques to deliver their full purpose, the right equipment is crucial: industrial ironing boards.

The Art of Proper Ironing

Though it may sound insignificant at first, the right technique and equipment for ironing and shaping are the actual reasons that give garments their final polished and professional finish. Therefore, to achieve high-quality garments, proper ironing is a very crucial step. Additionally, they improve the quality of the garment and ensure its longevity, thus meeting industry and customer standards for higher satisfaction.

Depending on the fabric, garment manufacturers as well as laundry services use different ironing methods, such as flat ironing, steam ironing, and block pressing – achieving different drapes while removing wrinkles and creases.

But, to achieve the desired look and quality, the key lies in the right equipment. For that, garment manufacturers and laundy services rely on heavy-duty steam irons and vacuum ironing boards. Especially industrial ironing boards, such as vacuum ironing tables, play a vital role with their distinct function in contributing to consistent ironing results and, thus, garment quality:

  • 1. Suction Mechanisms

The main feature of vacuum ironing tables is their suction mechanism. The goal of this feature is to ensure that the garment is being held firmly onto the table while being ironed with a steam iron. With this, workers have better control over the fabric, preventing it from shifting and creasing during the process.

  • 2. Steam Distribution

Some industrial vacuum ironing tables are also equipped with built-in steam distribution systems. This feature evenly dispenses steam on the fabric for smoother ironing. As the steam can penetrate into the fabric fibers, wrinkles and creases are being relaxed, with workers having to use less effort.

  • 3. Ironing Buck

For effective shaping of garment components such as collars, cuffs, and pockets, vacuum ironing tables are often equipped with an additional ironing buck. This helps workers to work precisely on smaller details and give garments their last finish by achieving clean shapes and details, while also keeping up the neccessary consistency.

The ironing features overall improve efficiency in the garment production process by reducing ironing time and ensuring consistency. Workers can work faster while still thoroughly executing the right ironing techniques, allowing them to meet tight deadlines. Additionally, as industrial ironing boards are easy to operate, workers can keep up a consistent workflow while ironing and also maintain consistency for all garments. In the long run, this contributes to overall cost savings in the garment manufacturing process or laundry service.


It is clear that ironing vacuum tables are the often overlooked heroes in a garment factory, as they are inconspicuously small compared to the other big machinery. However, they are the equipment that shape the high-quality look and feel of the finished garments. OSHIMA offers a range of industrial ironing boards with different shapes, such as the height-adjustable Vacuum Ironing Table OP-939/949/959 to accommodate the needs of shirts, pants or special fabrics like silk, thin or elastic materials. Multipurpose solutions like the Vacuum Ironing Table OPB-777/778 are easy to operate and are therefore also suitable for various services and launrdy industries. Contact us now, and we will help you find the right ironing solutions for you!