OSHIMA machines helped streamline the pressing process by introducing factory automation

The client

The client is a Sri Lankan manufacturer of durable industrial clothing. Established in 1990, the company produces high-quality workwear for different international markets, including reflective visible garments for the Austrian police force. With partners across China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, and Pakistan, their Sri Lankan factory boasts 18 production lines and a workforce of around 1,600 employees. As a result, their production capacity is around 3.5 million pieces per year.

The problem: an inefficient pressing process was slowing down production

The client’s high annual capacity requires heavy-duty machinery that can handle challenging factory conditions. The production line must be perfectly streamlined to meet the output demands of customers. Unfortunately, the client was stuck with slow production times from manually heat pressing garments to apply logos and decoration, which requires high amounts of manpower. They were also experiencing quality control issues arising from human error. Struggling to maintain a steady factory output, the client was losing money and searching for a solution.

The solution: Oshima heat press machines replace manual application

The customer purchased OSHIMA’s Heat Press machine, which uses heat to transfer logos and decoration onto clothing at an output capacity of 200 to 250 pieces per hour. The machine performs more accurately than manual application, as machines use the optimal amount of heat and pressure to apply logos and decoration to clothing, without expending more. Thanks to OSHIMA's solution, the client is now well-equipped to reach their output targets on time with improved production quality.

The result: streamlined production, higher output capacity

Since implementing OSHIMA’s Heat Press machine, the client’s production facility has become more efficient. No longer relying on human labor and manual application means they can achieve a higher output capacity. Using OSHIMA’s Heat Press machine is more accurate than manual pressing, leading to higher-quality goods and reducing the risk of defects.

And with machines replacing manual labor, employees can be transferred to other factory departments, boosting production in those areas while saving money.

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