The factory is more efficient and equipped to handle bulk orders thanks to OSHIMA’s automated machines.

The company

The client is an international manufacturer of sports and outdoor clothing with manufacturing sites in Cambodia, China, and Vietnam. Founded in Taiwan over 40 years ago, the company is dedicated to making quality jackets, waterproof clothing, and skiwear. Keeping up with market trends and customer demands, they constantly update their digital management efforts, installing cutting-edge equipment to improve production efficiency and support company growth.

The problem: Inefficient machinery was impacting production output and stunting company growth

Before contacting OSHIMA, the company was using a single-station heat transfer machine, which applies heat and pressure while printing logos and patterns onto garments. Being slow and requiring operation by at least one worker per machine, their old machines were inefficient and struggled to meet the challenging demands of mass production. The company was losing money, as they could only accept smaller-quantity orders that would not overload the machines. They knew they needed to upgrade their factory machinery to accommodate customer demands, and they were looking for the right supplier to support them.

The solution: OSHIMA automated machines increase accuracy and production output

After contacting OSHIMA, the company installed our Logo Heat Press. The machine switches effortlessly between a single and double workstation, reaching an output of up to 300 pieces of fabric per hour. They also installed our Automatic Feeder, which improves accuracy by using a robot arm to label clothing. The company realized that one person could simultaneously operate both machines, reducing surplus staff and enhancing factory efficiency. In addition, the company was impressed with OSHIMA’s swift after-sales service, which helps them resolve issues quickly without causing production delays.

With a move-and-cut speed of up to 4500 RPM, OSHIMA’s cutting machines allow the client to produce bulk orders with minimal fabric wastage. The lingerie manufacturer is satisfied knowing their machines are from a reliable supplier with an excellent global reputation, and that any issues will be promptly resolved by OSHIMA’s after-sales team.

The result: Increased factory efficiency makes room for higher production quantities

Since installing the OSHIMA Logo Heat Press and Automatic Feeder, the company’s production efficiency has improved by over 60 percent. With OSHIMA’s Logo Heat Press, the customer has doubled their production quantity with only half the manpower, saving them time and labor costs. Machine automation removes the risk of human error, improving labeling accuracy and enhancing product quality. End customers are happy with the improved quality and production speed, and can finally put in higher-quantity orders. OSHIMA’s machinery meets the client’s digital management goals, helping to transform them into an automated, high-output clothing manufacturer. Contact us today to find out how OSHIMA machines can improve your factory efficiency too.