The company

Established in 1982, the sportswear manufacturer QMI Group is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The company has 170 workers and a capital of around USD $60 million. They have factories in China, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

The company produces leisure and sportswear, swimwear, ski wear, women’s shirts, polo shirts, waterproof clothing, and knitwear for global brands like New Balance, SUNDEK, Ralph Lauren, Jack Wolfskin, and PUMA. They also produce woven and knitted garments, on top of taking on OEM production.

The problem: machine breakdowns cost millions in delayed orders

The sportswear manufacturer used cutting machines from a well-known French company. The machines were expensive and unreliable, breaking down and causing supply chain issues. The after-sales service was inadequate, with problems taking too long to resolve. This was unacceptable for a manufacturer with a large worldwide presence. Customers were left waiting and orders were delayed, leading to financial losses. Frustrated, the company was looking for a solution.

The solution: OSHIMA's cutting-edge technology

The company was tired of inaccurate cutting results and machine breakdowns causing production delays and financial losses. With OSHIMA’s high-quality products, they no longer worried about the consequences of temperamental machines producing inconsistent cuts. As OSHIMA’s cutting machines are engineered for challenging factory conditions, the risk of breakdowns is dramatically reduced.

Hidden costs from the original supplier were becoming too expensive, and the company wanted to find a machine manufacturer with a transparent cost structure. OSHIMA machines provide excellent quality without any unexpected bills, allowing sportswear factories to focus on producing quality, consistent garments.

The result: reliable machines, smoother production

Since switching to OSHIMA, QMI Group has not experienced any delays or financial losses due to unreliable machines or poor service. The company knows that OSHIMA is just a phone call away, providing a helpful after-sales service in real-time.

QMI Group has enjoyed higher return on investment and a smoother production process from improved machine performance. They are no longer losing money due to delayed orders, and it’s all thanks to OSHIMA’s outstanding service.

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