The Company

PAIHO is a global footwear supplier established in 1979. They have over 10,000 employees worldwide and a reputation for being the leader in the sports shoe industry. The company supplies velcro, elastic, webbing, shoelaces and reflective materials to the top 20 international sports shoe brands. Its factories are located in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia, and they have sales offices and warehouses in the United States.

Problem 1: Fabric Shrinkage and Defective Products

  • Background:

PAIHO's fabric production process relies heavily on fabric fusing machines, which bond fabrics together. The most critical variables in this process are heat, pressure, and time. However, when these factors are inaccurately calibrated, it can result in fabric shrinkage

  • Impact:

Excessive heat or pressure not only causes fabric shrinkage but also leads to other product defects. This has resulted in substantial fabric wastage, costly supply chain delays, and, in worst-case scenarios, product recalls. Such outcomes tarnish the company’s reputation and leave customers dissatisfied as they await their delayed orders.

Problem 2: Inaccurate Needle Detection

  • Background:

A vital step in PAIHO's fabric production process is the use of needle detectors. These machines ensure that products are free of sharp needles or other metal debris before they are shipped to customers.

  • Current Issue:

The company's existing needle detector machine has been unreliable, often missing needles in its scans.

  • Impact:

Failing to detect needles can have dire consequences. If sharp needles are discovered after products are shipped, it exposes end-users to potential injuries. Such incidents can lead to costly lawsuits and, more devastatingly, inflict irreparable damage to the brand's reputation. Understandably, PAIHO is in urgent need of a reliable machine supplier they can trust to mitigate these risks.

The Solution: Enhanced Fabric Production with Oshima Machinery

PAIHO collaborated with OSHIMA to obtain advanced fabric fusing machines. Thanks to the introduction of new machinery, manufacturers can now achieve a perfect bond on garments by applying heat and pressure evenly. OSHIMA machines have an automatic shutdown function that helps prevent overheating. This feature has greatly reduced fabric shrinkage. Moreover, OSHIMA needle detectors are designed to be extremely sensitive, which means that factories can now be confident that broken needles will not go unnoticed.

This, along with OSHIMA’s excellent after-sales service, helped the company get back to doing what it does best: providing high quality footwear components to the global sports market.

The Results: Reliable Machines Increased ROI

After switching to OSHIMA fabric fusing machines, PAIHO can now focus on producing outstanding goods without worrying about faulty bonding or shrinkage. The company now enjoys higher return on investment and increased factory efficiency thanks to OSHIMA’s reliable machine performance and after-sales service. Talk to us today to find out how you can hit the ground running with OSHIMA garment machinery products.