The company

Babell is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality women’s lingerie and loungewear. Their product range aims to provide simple, classic lingerie for women who value comfort. The brand is all-inclusive and items come in a range of sizes, following the latest trends to ensure women feel beautiful and stylish.

The problem: low-efficiency cutting machines slowed down production progress

Cutting is a vital part of the production process, with inaccurate cutting leading to poor-quality finished goods. Cutting machines should increase productivity, as they can cut a lot of fabric at once, but the client was experiencing production delays and quality issues due to their old cutting machines’ inaccurate results. Fabric wastage was high, as faulty fabric was either thrown away or re-cut. The lingerie manufacturer needed increased manpower to resolve these issues, which worsened their overall production efficiency. Frustrated and losing money, the client was looking for a solution.

The solution: OSHIMA cutting machines resolve efficiency issues

The client purchased OSHIMA’s highly efficient automatic cutting machines, which are designed to handle bulk production quantities. With a cutting accuracy of 97 percent, the customer no longer has to worry about inaccurate cutting results impacting their production quality.

With a move-and-cut speed of up to 4500 RPM, OSHIMA’s cutting machines allow the client to produce bulk orders with minimal fabric wastage. The lingerie manufacturer is satisfied knowing their machines are from a reliable supplier with an excellent global reputation, and that any issues will be promptly resolved by OSHIMA’s after-sales team.

Result: increased productivity, decreased manpower

Since installing OSHIMA cutting machines in their factory, the client’s lingerie cutting room has become four times more efficient than before. They have noticed a reduction in fabric wastage thanks to high cutting precision, leading to timely production orders and satisfied customers. What's more, they have since reduced cutting room manpower by a quarter, increasing factory productivity by transferring surplus workers to other departments. Thanks to OSHIMA’s state-of-the-art cutting machines, the client can now get back to providing high-quality lingerie to their customers. Let us know today how OSHIMA machines can improve your factory productivity.