The Company

The clients are two large textile groups based in Colombia. They focus on knitting, finishing, and dyeing fabrics, largely manufacturing clothing for their high-quality, low-cost sportswear brands.

The Problem: Supply Chain Inefficiency Reduced Productivity

Both textile groups faced the same problem. Their factories were equipped with machinery from multiple suppliers, making the supply chain inefficient due to lack of integration. This meant more work for the factories, as machine breakdowns or maintenance issues were resolved by different suppliers, causing production delays and additional costs.

Both textile companies wanted to improve their work and make things simpler. They were looking for one good company to provide machines that could cut and spread fabric.

The Solution: How Oshima Machines Made Factories Better

After contacting OSHIMA, the textile groups installed our state-of-the-art spreading and cutting machines in their factories. Purchasing multiple machines from OSHIMA has helped to streamline the factories’ production lines and enhance their productivity, as they no longer waste time chasing different suppliers.

OSHIMA spreading machines can prepare up to 4500 yards of fabric during an eight-hour period, making them suitable for bulk production orders. Cutting machines remove the need for manual cutting with scissors, allowing factories to cut increased amounts of fabric at once. The high capacity of these machines, along with OSHIMA’s prompt after-sales support, leaves the factories free to focus on producing high-quantity orders for the South American sportswear market.

The Result: Faster Work and More Profit with Oshima

The factories have noticed a higher production capacity since switching to OSHIMA spreading and cutting machines. They can smoothly produce at least 4500 pieces of high-quality polyester and lycra sportswear per machine per day, allowing them to take higher-quantity orders. Thanks to OSHIMA’s outstanding garment machinery and after-sales service, factory efficiency and return on investment have gone up. Get in touch today to find out how OSHIMA machines can streamline your factory production.