Established in 2003, the major airbag manufacturer is located in Zhejiang Province, China. The company has around 700 workers and mainly produces car airbags. Its largest customer is Toyota.

The problem

Before switching to OSHIMA products, the company experienced high rates of equipment failure. Inconsistent machinery is unacceptable, especially when producing airbags for one of the largest car companies in the world. Safety is paramount, and this airbag manufacturer could not afford to make mistakes due to faulty machines.

Machine breakdowns affected the entire supply chain. Failed machines lead to costly repairs and longer waiting times for the end customer. The dealership’s after-sales service was slow and it took time for the machines to be analyzed and repaired. Not ideal when you’re running a highly productive auto parts company. The company’s needs were not met by the dealership, and equipment was inefficient and problematic.

The solution

Looking for a solution, the company was introduced to OSHIMA through local dealers. They recommended the J3 fabric spreading machine due to their first-hand experience of OSHIMA’s quality and reliability. This airbag manufacturer was not disappointed. J3 machines are perfect for heavy duty fabric spreading, and can handle up to 6 rolls of fabric weighing up to 200kg per time. They found that OSHIMA’s fabric spreading machines are twice as fast as previous equipment, leading to higher productivity. Since switching, they have not experienced troublesome machine breakdowns that cause delays and financial losses, as OSHIMA provides timely after-sales service. That is much more suitable for an industry that relies on safety and efficiency.

The result

Machine breakdowns are costly and cause huge problems for factories. Worst still, they create mistrust with suppliers. Highly productive automotive airbag producers need reliable equipment that performs. After switching to OSHIMA fabric spreading machines, they can focus on providing quality airbags to Toyota and other automotive customers. They enjoy greater return on investment and higher efficiency due to OSHIMA’s stable machine performance and outstanding after-sales service.

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