The availability of masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) has been severely constrained since the global COVID-19 pandemic epidemic. OSHIMA aggressively invested in the manufacturing of items linked to epidemic prevention in order to help Taiwan and people all over the world combat the pandemic in order to face the issues brought on by the pandemic. They helped the government-designated Taiwan epidemic prevention national team produce protective gear and masks that are not only used locally but also exported internationally by giving them the most dependable and stable machines.

As a well-known company in Taiwan, OSHIMA has always vowed to give back to the community. They actively engaged in the installation of mask production lines in the early phases of the outbreak and started creating items for preventing epidemics. In response to the government's request, they voluntarily worked with the Taiwan national team to supply the best production tools, ensuring the caliber and availability of supplies for preventing epidemics.

In addition to being extremely stable and dependable in use, OSHIMA products have consistently maintained excellent quality and efficiency in the production process. This is due to their ongoing investments in R&D and innovation, which continually enhance the performance and quality of their products. They also used this ethos to the creation of items for epidemic prevention during the pandemic, ensuring the goods' quality and availability as well as offering a powerful backing for the work done by society to prevent epidemics.

Not only have OSHIMA's products for preventing epidemics been well praised in Taiwan, but they have also attracted attention and been well-received abroad. Their products for preventing epidemics have been successfully sold to other nations and areas, making significant contributions to the effort to halt epidemics worldwide. In order to contribute more to the growth and advancement of society, OSHIMA will keep investing in research and the creation of high-quality products.