Ensure traceability in every cut with our digital cutting process

Maximum performance and precision.

Automotive interior design fabric cutting


Seat covers and car upholstery are usually multi-layered, thick, special and plastic composition materials. Our OSHIMA ONE CUT Low Ply Cutting System delivers a reliable and highly efficient cutting system that will dramatically enhance the flexibility of your cutting room.

Transportation interior design fabric cutting

Aviation interior

Lightweight and high-strength materials are the dominant materials in the transportation industry. Weight reduction has become one of the most important indicators for aviation, and plastics are increasingly being used in the interiors of passenger aircraft.

Transportation interior design fabric cutting


Train seat upholstery is usually made of heavy fabrics, and the high temperatures generated by friction during cutting can be extremely challenging for the knife. OSHIMA cutting rooms are ready to meet these challenges thanks to our continuous and strong commitment to product technology research.

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