Unique Broadcasting Inc. 2020.10.15

Made-in-Taiwan Cutting Room Solutions: daily production capacity of personal protective equipment by a factor of six, attracting a flock of buyers from Europe and the US



OSHIMA have optimized our cutting room solution to cater specifically to the medical industry. We are proud to present our J3 Woven Fabric Spreading Machine, also the world first spreading machine that enables your factory to increase the daily production capacity of protective gowns sixfold. 

During TITAS 2020, ours and other Made in Taiwan (MIT) inventions, will stand ready to demonstrate how to best combat COVID-19.



2020 TITAS

The first of its kind in the world, our J3 Heavy fabric spreading machine is the Hercules of the OSHIMA family, Our Heavy-duty spreading hero.

This machine is designed with a ground-level fabric loading system that is ergonomic and user-friendly and increases spreading efficiency for high volume multi-layer productions, such as isolation gowns and medical masks. This design, the first of its kind in the world, helps safeguard the well-being of workers while also boosting your productivity to new levels.

One machine, six times the production capacity: An idea inspired by our clients’ experiences.

Our clients, who have received skyrocketing orders for protective gears, were desperate as their workers could not return to work. Our researchers have optimized J3’s structure by modifying its fabric loading mechanism, enabling concurrent six-layer heavy roll production. Our clients can now see their production capacity surge despite a shortage of labour.

Made in Taiwan Cutting Room Solutions mean that up to 16,200 protective gowns can be produced every single day. Buyers from the US and Canada scramble to make purchase order.

Our M8S Automated Cutting Machine is equipped with an intelligent cutting system, ensuring precision for every cut. M8S is also equipped with an online data management platform which can enhance visualization. 

While Taiwan manages to prepare early for COVID-19 pandemic, made-in-Taiwan technology has also drawn global attention. J3 and M85, whose qualities are well known, are cost-effective, and warranty is provided by OSHIMA. After the deployment of OSHIMA cutting room solution, the number of protective gowns that a factory operating 8 hours a day can produce would increase from 2,700 pieces to 16,200 pieces. This is the reason why a large number of overseas manufacturers are relying on OSHIMA for their anti-epidemic efforts.

2020 TITAS

Folding packaging machine: easy to use and quick to learn

FP-900 is specially customized for isolation gowns, folding, sealing, and strapping can be completed in one go. After the clothes are placed manually, the machine automatically folds the clothes in half and sends into the bag for sealing. High efficiency, each folding takes only 10 seconds, roughly 360 pieces per hour, saving 4-6 labor, ROI in 8 months. Smart machine, no skilled workers and improves packaging quality and reduces contact with hygienic production.


Hot Air Sealing & Bonding machine:Be on the safe side when processing protective suits

A piece of protective clothing has at least 3,000 holes for sewing needles. To be seamless, special rubber strips must be pressed on the sewing thread to prevent germs from drilling on the needles. In addition to masks, isolation gowns are extremely important for frontline medical staff. OSHIMA touch screen control hot air sealing machine OP-702 is intuitive and easy to operate. The temperature standard machine is 400 degrees, which can be adjusted according to needs. The upper and lower wheel speeds can be adjusted separately. The hot air volume can be adjusted. It has CE certification, excellent little helper.

Ultrasonic Lace Machine 

Also known as ultrasonic bonding machine, it uses high-frequency oscillating energy to complete welding, which can meet the requirements of stitching, cutting, laminating, slitting, rolling holes, embossing transfer, printing, folding scenery, etc., to achieve waterproof, sealing, antibacterial effects. Free of burrs, wrinkles or shrinkage caused by traditional needlework processing, OSHIMA lace machine MB9018B has CE certification, can be processed continuously, suitable for mass production, 7 patterns can be selected, and the pattern mold is easy to change. No black smoke or sparks are emitted during use to ensure operator safety. The machine does not need to be preheated, it can be started directly when it is turned on, and the operation can be completed by itself without the need for skilled workers. It is usually suitable for furniture accessories and side materials. It is suitable for disposable masks or surgical gowns during the epidemic prevention period. An excellent little helper.